Why Smart Entrepreneurs and Teams use Branded Holiday Apparel

The holidays are approaching, and across the country businesses are preparing to make the most of it. Too often, however, business owners miss an opportunity to make a lasting impression with their brand; branded holiday apparel like festive T-shirts and ugly sweaters is a secret weapon used to boost business. Here’s 6 reasons why smart entrepreneurs and teams decorate their brand for the holidays.

Reason 1: Joyful Impressions

Consumers can tell if they identify with a brand within moments of looking at it. One of the easiest ways to attract an audience to a brand is to use what people know and love. Pairing your brand with festive elements makes it easy for your audience to connect with your brand through nostalgia and a little humor.

Reason 2: Connection

What makes a brand memorable? In a word, connection. When a brand is able to connect to consumers through emotion, it sticks. This is why a funny commercial about car insurance sticks in our minds better than the logo on a pen we use everyday. Connect with your audience by making ugly holiday apparel out of your brand; the laugh people get from the sweat shirt may lead to the call you get from your next client.

Reason 3: Popularity

There’s no denying that ugly holiday apparel is popular, from funny, simple T-shirts to over-the-top, hideous sweaters. In fact, the fad of ugly sweater parties has lead to a multi-million dollar industry! So, it’s no wonder that smart business owners are seizing the opportunity to use this platform as a way to advertise.

Holiday apparel grows in popularity each year!

Reason 4: Exposure

Providing your customers, staff, partners, and friends with branded holiday apparel increases your brand exposure. Ugly holiday apparel is an enormously popular tradition, so people going to holiday parties, company functions, and other gatherings are likely to wear your brand if it is holiday themed.

Reason 5: Social Media Content

Another form of exposure that branded holiday shirts create is through social media. Posting photos of staff or happy customers in branded holiday apparel is a fun, popular, and effective way to advertise a brand to an even bigger audience! Business owners can even make a hash tag or challenge for followers to tag their business wearing their holiday design.

Create a social media challenge for your customers to post about wearing your apparel!

Reason 6: The Perfect Gift

Businesses spend tons of money purchasing gifts for clients, customers, and staff, just to have their thoughtful holiday card thrown away. Smart business owners know that over-used gift ideas such as cards and pens just pile up to be forgotten about later. Because of their popularity and humorous appeal, branded holiday apparel are more likely to be kept and used for years, all while advertising your business.

In conclusion, branded holiday apparel:

  1. Makes A Good Impression: nothing sets a joyful impression like festive or funny holiday T-Shirt or sweat shirt.
  2. Makes Connections: setting your brand on an ugly holiday sweat shirt is sure to connect with your audience, making your brand memorable.
  3. Has Great Popularity: holiday sweaters, particularly ugly sweaters, is a multi-million dollar industry, so why not take advantage of it?
  4. Creates Brand Exposure: get brand exposure at the parties, events, and other gatherings where people don holiday apparel.
  5. Makes for Good Social Media Content: challenge followers to tag your business wearing your branded apparel!
  6. Makes a Great Gift: why spend money on pens and cards that people throw away, when you can capitalize on the popularity of holiday T-Shirts and sweat shirts?

How to get your own branded holiday apparel:

Kick Print specializes in creating festive long and short sleeve T-Shirts and sweat shirts. We can take your business or team logo and create branded holiday apparel that makes a lasting impression.

Kick Print can create gift-ready, branded holiday apparel using your logo!

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Happy holidays!
-The Kick Print Team