How to Make your Company T-Shirt Irresistible

Selling branded company T-Shirts is a simple way to promote your business. Too often, though, we see companies invest in a T-Shirt that either doesn't sell or sends the wrong message. One of the biggest mistakes we see companies making is not putting any thought into WHY someone would wear their shirts… much less buy them.

Think about it:

That person has to go to their dresser drawers and look through lots of shirts. They have to skip over their favorite shirts or even their softest shirt and somehow pick yours that advertises your company.

Why would they do that?

With the exception of your supportive mom, dad, and friends, you will need to convince potential wearers that your shirt is their new favorite.

So Why Would Someone Wear a Company T-Shirt?

Well it’s simple.

People wear shirts for these reasons.
– It’s funny.
– It’s for a holiday or festive season
– It resonates with who they are
– It’s soft & comfy
– It’s flattering
– They find it cool 😎

Why people choose NOT to wear a shirt.

– It gets too much attention
– It’s offensive
– It doesn’t fit into the current holiday or season
– It’s boxy, not soft comfy
– It makes them look fat or bloated (we’ve all been there)
– It’s a blatant advertisement for a company they’re not emotionally invested in

But what if you could check multiple boxes for reasons TO wear your company shirts and then also put your company logo on the shirt? Well, it’s possible!

Successful Company T-Shirt in Action

The #1 selling category is humor. If a shirt is funny or sarcastic without lots of colors and graphics it will sell more.

To test this theory we listed over 6,000 shirts on Amazon. Yes you read that right- over 6,000. Want to know one of the biggest sellers that sold hundreds of shirts?

It was a shirt that read: “I find your lack of beard disturbing.”

Simple font. 1 color print. Black shirt.

We recently printed some shirts for a local Mexican restaurant and they deployed a winning shirt campaign and have sold hundreds of shirts.

Example of a Winning Company Shirt

Each shirt ticks multiple boxes.

– They chose super soft shirts
– Funny sayings that related to their industry.
– Lots of different colors
– Simple prints.

People love them!

Another benefit is when the serving staff wears the shirts, they are not only modeling the product, but solidifying the restaurant's brand.

Even though the company logo is the smallest thing on the shirt or is on the back, the overall brand is promoting the business; when people see the funny saying on the shirt before noticing the logo, they'll remember where it came from and wear it more often, thus promoting your brand better.

Want to know the best part? People are paying THEM for the shirt! 😳 They have people giving them money in exchange for an advertisement!

Getting paid for promoting your business? Wow.

So keep this in mind- People will gladly sport your logo if it’s tastefully done and not gigantic on the shirt.

Formulas for the Perfect Company T-Shirt

If you’re going to use this method, consider putting your logo:

– on a sleeve
– on the nape (neck)
– on the bottom corner
– on the back

Still not sure what to put on your company tees? -here are some winning formulas for viral, branded merch:

Example 1:
Funny Saying + Soft shirt + Your logo small on the shirt = Winning Company T-Shirts!

Example 2:
nspirational quote + Soft shirt + Your logo small on the shirt = Winner Winner (chicken dinner)!

Here are some inspiration for your brand!

I’m ready, where do I start?

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-The Kick Print Team