What’s the best T-shirt for School and Church Fundraisers?

Soft or Premium- which is best?

Budget Friendly, High Quality

Looking for shirts to promote your school club, or start your church fundraiser? We know that the choice may be more difficult than initially thought. You need a budget friendly option that people can afford, but the quality needs to be high enough for people to actually want to buy and wear them.

So, we took our two favorite options for events and fundraising groups and put them to the test!

What’s the difference?

The Classic Soft shirt is:

  • The one hundred percent ring-spun cotton gives this shirt the wear-all-day feel.
  • A simple T-Shirt that’s cost-effective without sacrificing comfort.
  • A wide variety of colored fabric options
  • Available in sizes Small to 3XL
  • 4.5 ounces, pre-shrunk

The Premium Cotton shirt is:

  • There is an option for hundred percent ring spun combed cotton making it incredibly soft
  • This shirt comes in the popular heather styles (like the one pictured above) which is a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester.
  • A decent variety of colored fabric options
  • Available in sizes Extra Small to 4XL
  • 4.3 ounces

Which do we like best for a fundraiser?

Our pick is the Premium cotton. It’s soft premium feel makes it an attractive choice, making it an easy sell for a fundraiser. It’s wear-all-day softness is ideal for events so participants won’t feel uncomfortable. It won’t shrink in the wash, comes in a variety of 34 colors, and ranges in sizes from extra small to 4xl so no one will be left out.

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Happy fundraising!

-Kick Print Team