7 Funny Signage Fails – How to Avoid Bad Design

As professional designers and printers, it’s our job to make sure banners and signs are printed right – the first time. Here are some signage fails that definitely should’ve been left to the professionals.

#1: Undead Employees

Washing hands certainly keeps us healthy, but in this case, employees’ very lives are at stake.

#2 The Not So Classic Burger

That’s an interesting spin on a “classic” burger, but we don’t think customers will want to order it anytime soon.

#3 The Bored Room

That may not have been the message they wanted to send, but something tells us it speaks the truth.

#4 Shoplifters Be Warned

Yikes! This sign may be misspelled, but it could be quite effective!

#5 It’s Fine, the Sign Said So

Who knew one letter could completely reverse a sign’s message? Every letter counts.

#6 What Are These Called Again?

We can’t help but wonder if the designer was just having fun with this one. Either that or they could probably use more potassium in their diet. 🍌

#7 Safety First

Right; we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt while people hunting, would we?

How to Print Signage and Banners for your Church, Business, or Organization

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– Kick Print Team